Stay in the Know!

Join the Sysco To Go App with These Easy Steps


Key Benefits

  • Streamlined and relevant Sysco information;
  • Convenient for you;
  • Participate in two-way dialogue;
  • And much more!

U.S. and Canada Associates

  1. Text the word Sysco to 900900
  2. You'll receive a text with a link to install the 1st Up app:

  3. Touch have an organization code? Enter Sysco
  4. Sign in with your Sysco Network ID and password
  5. If you don't know your Network ID and password, use Self-Service Password Reset or contact the Service Desk
  6. Enable push notifications

If the text option does not work for you, please use the QR code below: 

For Associates in Bahamas, Europe, and Latin America or Other International Regions

Scan the QR code to install the 1st Up app and then follow the above instructions three through six: 



  • Downloading the app is optional but encouraged so you can stay connected.
  • Data rates will apply for content viewed in the app.
  • Please download the app onto your phone during regular business hours.
  • Sysco will NOT have access to other data on your phone outside of the app.
  • There is no expectation for associates to monitor notifications while off the clock. 




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