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About Dry Aged Meat

What does “dry age” mean? 
Dry aging is a time-honored technique in which unwrapped cuts of beef are stored in a specially constructed room where all aspects of the environment are strictly regulated; temperature, humidity, air circulation and bacteria levels.

What happens during the dry age process? 
By carefully controlling the environment, natural enzymes “break down” the meat, without it spoiling. The cell structure in the meat starts to break down and the meat becomes naturally more tender. The flavor of the meat also matures, becoming richer and more intense. One of the keys to the dry age process is controlling the naturally occurring bacteria levels on the surface of the meat. At Buckhead Mid-Atlantic Meat & Seafood, we use an “ozone-ator” to produce ozone. The addition of ozone into the dry age room kills the surface bacteria on the meat. Another key to the process is the humidity level in the dry age room. The humidity must be maintained between 50% and 65%. This low level of humidity “dries” the outside of the meat and reduces level of moisture in the meat. A piece of meat can lose between 15%-20% of its original weight during the process.

How long is the meat product aged? 
Meat can be aged for as long as 42 days. To maximize flavor, shelf life and final product yields, all Buckhead Mid-Atlantic Meat & Seafood’s meat products are aged for a minimum of 21 days.

Why is dry age meat products more expensive? 
Dry aged meat is more expensive because of the special storage requirements, the additional production requirements and the final products lower yields. The process requires a specially constructed room that must be monitored 24 hours a day,7 days a week. Boning and trimming each piece of meat is very time consuming and labor intensive. During the drying process, each piece of meat loses between 15%-20% of its original weight. Combining this loss with the additional yeild loss from bone in, fat covered primals, dramatically affects final product yields.

Are there any special handling requirements for dry age products? 
Dry aged product needs to be treated differently than other cuts of meat. The natural enzymes and bacteria present in the meat have become more active during the aging process. As soon as the meat is removed from the controlled environment of the dry age room, the “break down” of the meat accelerates and is less restrained. This affect can be noticed in 3 to 5 days when the surface of the meat may become “sticky”. This is normal and should be expected. Trimming the outer layer off easily eliminates the problem. Ideally, the product should be stored as close to 32 degrees Fahrenheit as possible. Trimming should be done when cutting steaks. Minimize the time the meat is uncovered and always keep the meat wrapped in the paper that it comes in.

When can I order the product? 
Anytime! The product is cut to order each day for that day delivery.

What meat products does Buckhead Mid-Atlantic Meat & Seafood dry age?
Currently we dry age primal cuts of Prime, Choice and All Natural grades of meat. We dry age export ribs, which can be used for ribeye steaks bone in or boneless. Bone in striploins that can be portioned for bone in or boneless steaks. We also dry age flat irons and bone in pork loins. With appropriate notice Buckhead Mid-Atlantic Meat & Seafood can also dry age lamb and veal products or any other meat you may have in mind. All of Buckhead Mid-Atlantic Meat & Seafood products including dry aged meat are available 6 days a week with Metro’s 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Featured Suppliers

Antonio Mozzarella

Antonio Mozzarella Factory finds it roots 80 years ago in a provincial town of Calabria, Italy where the finest milk was used to make quality cheeses. Today, in our New Jersey facility, we follow the same time-honored tradition of our founder by carefully making our cheese with milk from local dairies for delicious and award-winning results.


Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat believes there is a better way to feed the planet. Their mission is to create mass-market solutions that perfectly replace animal protein with plant protein. They are dedicated to improving human health, positively impacting climate change, conserving natural resources and respecting animal welfare. At Beyond Meat, they want to make the world a better place and they’re starting one delicious meal at a time.


Butterball Farms

The right butter for any taste, any style, and any occasion. With extensive expertise in butter innovation, Butterball Farms is able to provide the perfect premium butter product for all occasions. Offering premium butter balls, butter roses, custom logo butter designs, and much more, Butterball Farms is the industry leader at creating first impressions.



Since 1965 Camanchaca has stood for the finest quality seafood from Chile. They use their own natural selection salmon brood stock program, hatcheries, ocean sites, processing plants, product development and quality control departments. Operating with a deep commitment to environmental sustainability in all aspects of its operations. Camanchaca takes great pride in its people, products and serving its customers. They are leaders in developing a more sustainable salmon industry and were the first salmon producer to earn three stars for the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP).



Catelli Brothers specializes in quality all natural USDA choice veal and lamb as well as top quality lamb imported from Australia. Established in 1946, the Catelli family has set industry standards in quality, service, dependability, and safety. Catelli meats are fresher and tastier as a result of their highly selective process of choosing farms that adhere to the high quality and production standards that Catelli demands. One taste and you'll see why Catelli is the leading supplier of fresh veal and lamb.


Certified Angus Beef

The Certified Angus Beef Brand Is Brought To You By Generations Of Cattle Producers. Rich In History And Tradition, It Is Known For It's Exceptional Quality And Flavor. Scrutinized To Adhere To 10 Strict Standards, Certified Angus Beef Is a Cut Above USDA Prime, Choice and Select.


Chicken Of The Sea

Chicken of the sea is a leading supplier of specialty seafood, including shrimp and crabmeat. Chicken of the sea is synonymous with health, nutrition and convenience. The heart of the mission of Chicken of the Sea is to ensure a healthy supply of seafood for future generations by proactively preserving the environment through vigorously supporting high standards of stewardship and management.



Citterio has been providing distinctive and traditional Italian specialty meats since 1878. Founded in Italy, Citterio products are now prepared in the clean, dry air of the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. Citterio’s curing master’s use their skill and art to blend premium authentically Italian specialty meats. Buckhead Mid-Atlantic Meat & Seafood carries a full line of Citterio products to meet the demands of the foodservice industry.



Compart Family Farms is made up of third generation pork producers who promise an “All Natural” mouth-watering and rich flavored pork. The family philosophy had always been doing what is right for the long term and never cutting corners which is why they raise Duroc Hogs; a breed which has outstanding meat quality and eating characteristics. Compart produces a premium pork with a difference you can see and taste and is known as the “black angus’ of pork.



Foodmatch is a producer of authentic, all natural Mediterranean foods packaged under the Divina label. They bring to the United States, high quality innovative products from culinary rich and diverse countries throughout the Mediterranean. Working side-by-side with the growers to establish best farming practices, the FoodMatch difference begins in the fields. From irrigation and pruning to hand harvesting and selection to all natural, curing. FoodMatch is committed to providing delicious and natural Mediterranean foods that are a true expression of their origin.



With time-honored dedication to superior quality, Ducktrap River of Maine creates all natural gourmet-smoked seafood. Ducktrap's all natural approach is to select the freshest, highest quality seafood available and compliment it with the flavor of brine, herbs, and spices using the best modern European smoking technology. Ducktrap uses a combination of wood chips from apple, oak, cherry, and maplewood from the forests of Maine to produce a rugged, savory flavor.


Euro- Bake

Euro-Bake’s full line of one-of-a-kind old world breads are a refreshing blend of authentic recipes and convenience. These artisan breads are a fusion of experience, knowledge, innovation, and high quality ingredients. All Euro-Bake products are pre-proofed, and ready to bake, saving time, while still producing consistently high quality fresh tasting bread. Employing hands-on craftsmanship, Euro-Bake ensures all their breads smell and taste authentic and distinguished.



Bill Froehlich founded Grand banks Specialty Foods and initially began curing and smoking Atlantic salmon over 20 years ago. Although it was a very successful venture, Bill decided he wanted to return to what he really knew and loved best; sausage. Using his extensive knowledge and experience from his years as a chef, he started mixing ingredients and spices to formulate the recipes for his sausages. Each of them are handmade utilizing only fresh, all natural ingredients, which are preservative and nitrate free.



Girard's(GFF, Inc.) original french dressing was created by Chef Pierre Girard in 1939. Today, GFF, Inc. continues to develop and produce a variety of unique high-quality flavored salad dressings, sauces, white salad dressing and mayonnaise.


Grass Run Farms

Grass Run Farms is a collaboration of family farms in America’s Heartland, producing the most nutritious and delicious 100% grass-fed beef. Their farmers and ranchers raise cattle the way generations before them raised cattle. They have the only USDA graded grass fed program. All of their cows are "Never-Ever All Natural" beef, meaning the cow has never eaten grain, animal by-products, antibiotics, added hormones, or growth promotants. This delivers a healthy, lean protein that is full of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals to support a healthy diet.



In2food brings high quality European pasty and bakery products to America. In2food’s artisan products are carefully selected to include an assortment of innovative chocolate decorations and cups as well as the finest in European pastry shells, ingredients, and chocolate couverture’s. In2food keeps up with culinary trends by working with the world’s best pastry chefs to develop creative, innovative, unique decorations.


Jennie- O

Jennie-O Turkey Store offers an extensive line of branded turkey products. The company manufactures an array of fresh, frozen refrigerated and deli turkey products including ground turkey, turkey burger patties, turkey breast, turkey ham, turkey bacon, whole birds, prime young basted turkey, turkey sausage and turkey franks.


Koch's Turkey

For more than half a century, three generations of the Koch Family have kept the traditional values of the Pennsylvania Dutch country, and have been certified that their turkeys are treated humanely. The Koch name has locally come to be known to represent the highest quality turkey products available.


Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf Farms is a family owned company founded in 1958 that dominates the North American duck market with innovative, value-added prooducts of unequalled quality. They have become the leader in specialized production due to innovative solutions which result in ducks with less fat, more meat and a rich, bold flavor. Maple Leaf Farms is dedicated to family, friends, community involvement and quality duck products to support a healthy lifestyle.


Buckhead Mid-Atlantic Meat & Seafood Handcrafted Hors d'oeuvres

Buckhead Mid-Atlantic Meat & Seafood has partnered with a small, local manufacturer to produce our own line of high quality handcrafted hors d’oeuvres. Utilizing fresh, all natural ingredients we have created over 110 unique varieties that will enhance any menu. We can even custom produce hors d’oeuvres using your recipe or our R & D team can help create something based on your idea. Regardless which one you choose, Buckhead Mid-Atlantic Meat & Seafood branded hors d’oeuvres bring more to the table. Be sure to schedule a menu consultation with our own hors d’oeuvre specialist, Sue Dailey.


Buckhead Mid-Atlantic Meat & Seafood All Natural Pastas & Sauces

Prepared in small batches with unwavering attention to detail, Buckhead Mid-Atlantic Meat & Seafood Company has produced their own brand of distinguished all natural pastas and sauces. Produced locally, our pastas and sauces offer a variety and quality second to none. With our Custom Pasta Program, you can design a signature dish that your guests will be sure to enjoy.


Buckhead Mid-Atlantic Meat & Seafood American Artisanal Cheese Collection

In early 2004, Buckhead Mid-Atlantic Meat & Seafood developed an American Artisanal Cheese program that featured over a dozen cheeses from highly acclaimed cheese makers across the country. It proved to be a successful launch as more and more chefs demanded higher quality, handmade artisanal cheeses. Today we are proud to offer over 40 award winning cheeses including: cow, goat, and sheep’s milk; most of which are produced on small family farms and include local, natural, and organic selections. Be sure to call Sue Dailey, our cheese expert to help you design an exceptional cheese plate for your menu.


Michael's Cookies

Michael's Cookies is the cookie of choice among discriminating gourmet chefs and quality foodservice establishments. Michael's is well known for its superior selection of all natural, certified kosher ingredients, wide variety of flavors and advanced packaging with high emphasis on customer satisfaction. Michael's pre-portioned cookie dough comes in a unique variety of over 20 premium flavors, each having a fresh-from-the-oven homemade taste. Created with no preservatives and only all natural ingredients, these award winning cookie dough's have made Michael's the hospitality leader of mouth watering cookies.


Michigan Turkey

Michigan Turkey Producers, is made up of family turkey farms that have been handed down from generation to generation for the past 100 years. Michigan Turkey Producers offers the finest selection of value added, seasoned, and cooked deli turkey products available. Grown on cooperative family farms, Michigan Turkey Producers take pride in uncompromising quality.



Exceptional creativity and craftsmanship are what make Mignardise dessert bites unique. Passionate about desserts, the pastry chef at Mignardise has created a wide range of luxurious petit fours. Using high quality ingredients with no added preservatives, the Mignardise desserts have a delicate flavor as well as brilliant colorful combination making them stand out in a category all their own.


Natures Tradition

With over 100 years experience in raising pork, Leidy's family owned local company continues to be a leader in providing nutritious, high quality pork. Their "Nature's Tradition" line of pork is 100% all natural with no antibiotics or additives used. Leidy's prides itself in the care and humane treatment their hogs are given, and is American Humane Certified. Leidy's partners with small local family farms to ensure their "Nature's Tradition" pork is tender, flavorful and as fresh as possible.



Since 1887 the Nueske Family has produced premium quality Applewood-smoked hams, bacon, sausage, and poultry. They still use the same time-tested methods and all natural ingredients, blended by hand with cures and spices in an artisanal process that's been handed down for four generations. All of their products are guaranteed not to have fillers, binders, or excess water. Nueske's, America's Original Applewood Smoked Meats.


Olli Salumeria

Olli slow-cured salami is based on original 160-year-old recipes. These all-natural salamis are crafted from vegetarian-fed, Heritage breed pigs that are raised without antibiotics.


Rogue Creamery

When Ignazio(Ig)Vella, the Godfather of the artisan cheese industry, decided to put Rogue Creamery on the market, he was committed to making sure the time honored tradition of artisan cheese making continued. He found the future owners, David Gremmels, and Carey Bryant, who embraced his ideas and agreed to carry the torch well into the 21st century. Today, Rogue Creamery is thriving and in the first two years the Creamery won numerous trophies and awards, including World's Best Blue Cheese at the 2003 World Cheese Awards in London, a first for a U.S. creamery. Their long list of accomplishments also includes the coveted Best New Product Award as the World's first Smokey Blue at the National Association for the 2005 Specialty Food Trade (NASFT) Food Show in New York and Rogue River Blue took best in show at the 2009 American Cheese Society in Austin, Texas. They have garnered more than 4 trophies and 30 medals and awards.



Global experts in specialty foods, American Roland has provided customers with exceptional gourmet products for the past 75 years. American Roland seeks out superior quality, unique foods and flavor inspirations from around the world. Carrying an extensive variety of quality imports, American Roland has earned its stellar reputation by providing quality, consistency and availability.


Schweid & Sons

In the late 1800s, Harry Schweid started selling high quality meats to butchers and restaurants in New York City's lower east side. By the 1930s, his son Sam had his own business in Harlem, selling the best meat around. In 1976 the focus was switched solely to one thing - ground beef. Today that passion is carried on with a single-minded dedication to producing the best tasting, highest quality burger.


Snake River Farms

Snake River Farms is a premium brand of American raised Wagyu beef. Snake River Farms is vertically integrated from feed to cuts of beef. Extraordinary care is given to these special breeds making Snake River Farms Wagyu Beef the finest quality meat available. All of their steaks are the very finest quality, all rated above USDA PRIME. This is the finest beef offered in the Metropolitan area.


Sweet Indulgence

Buckhead Mid-Atlantic Meat & Seafood is please to announce the introduction of Sweet Indulgence, our all-natural,locally made line of frozen specialty products; including muffins, health bars, biscotti, ice cream, sorbet & dessert bars. Locally Produced In Small Batches, Sweet Indulgence Specialties Are Made To Order Using Pure All-Natural Ingredients To Deliver Products That Are Truly Exceptional.


TMI/Chef One

Twin Marquis Inc. was founded in Chinatown, New York City in 1989 by the Tang brothers, Joseph and Terry. The brothers brought the fine art of Chinese Cuisine to America and are proud to offer numerous foodservice items. Their products include a variety of dim sum, noodles, wrappers and all natural potstickers. Their implementation of a food safety management system assures that their products are developed, tested, and manufactures appropriately, which results in consistently higher quality products.



Vanns Spices is a family owned business that was founded in Baltimore in 1981. They offer over 200 spices including the ability to custom produce spice blends. Guided by their commitment to great taste, health and sustainability, Vanns sources the world in search of unusual spices to offer a unique culinary experience to their customers. Using only all natural spices, many of which are also organic, Vanns brings global flavors to the United States.


Vermont Creamery

In their twenty-seventh year of business, Vermont Butter and Cheese Creamery is a leading American Artisanal Creamery. Vermont Butter and Cheese crafts innovative, all natural fresh and aged goat cheeses, crème fraiche, mascarpone, and European-style cultured butter. Proudly contributing to the health of local agriculture, the creamery supports a network of more than 20 goat dairy farms, providing milk that meets the highest standards of purity. Having trained in France on an organic dairy farm, founder Allison Hooper carried the European style of artisanal cheese crafting home with her to Vermont where Vermont Butter and Cheese was born. The creamery has already claimed worldwide recognition, but continues to pioneer new ground by creating innovative distinctive product flavors.


Food Safety

Buckhead Mid-Atlantic Meat & Seafood Companies Food Safety program meets or exceeds all USDA and FDA requirements. Buckhead Mid-Atlantic Meat & Seafood’s food safety program is among the most thorough and rigorous in the industry. The program is multifaceted and consists of:

  • Full time USDA inspection

  • USDA approved and monitored Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point program (HACCP),

  • FDA HACCP program

  • SQF Level 3

  • Company Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s)

  • Company Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP’S)

Each facet of the program is administered by HACCP certified managers with extensive on the job training. In addition, each HACCP program goes through regular verification procedures and an annual validation.

Buckhead Mid-Atlantic Meat & Seafood only buys from suppliers that can provide high quality and safe food products. All Poultry and Meat suppliers are subject to our USDA HACCP program and are HACCP compliant. All Seafood suppliers are subject to our FDA HACCP program and meet all Federal and State regulations for the products that they supply.

Buckhead Mid-Atlantic Meat & Seafood is SQF Level 3 certified. The SQF program is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and links primary production certification to food manufacturing and distribution. It is the only certification program to integrate a quality component as well as food safety.

Buckhead Mid-Atlantic Meat & Seafood’s superior buying standards, state of the art processing facility and top-notch employees insure superb quality and flavor with each shipment. We are confident that our customers will receive the very safest, freshest and the most flavorful food products due to the unique combination of Buckhead Mid-Atlantic Meat & Seafood Co. standards and the HACCP & SQF guidelines. We stand behind this statement with a 100% guarantee for all of our products.

Chicken/Poultry Safety Guidelines


  • Maintain optimum storage temperatures:

    • Ice Pack Chicken: 32° - 35° F

    • CVP (gas flush): 28° - 32° F

    • IQF & Other Frozen: 0° F maximum

  • Never exceed safe shelf lives:

    • Ice Pack Chicken: 7 days from slaughter, under optimum conditions

    • CVP (gas flush): 21 days from slaughter, under optimum conditions

    • IQF & Other Frozen: 12 months from slaughter, under optimum conditions

  • If possible, store cooked and raw products (like Ice Pack and CVP chicken) in separate coolers.

  • If cooked and raw products must be stored in the same cooler, separate them as much as possible, storing raw products such as Ice Pack and CVP below cooked items to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

  • Always seal or cover Ice Pack and CVP chicken to reduce dehydration, off odors and spoilage.

Hygiene & Sanitation

  • Use good hand-washing practices: - before handling foods

    • after using the bathroom

    • after touching mouth, nose or hair

    • when changing tasks

  • Wear gloves specified for food use, especially if you have a cut or sore

  • Use separate, clean and sanitized utensils when tasting a product-never your fingers.

  • Change aprons or uniform when switching from handling raw product to cooked product.

  • Clean and sanitize all utensils, equipment and surfaces immediately after use.

  • When using commercial cleaning/sanitizing solutions, follow all label directions.

  • Keep wash-and-dry towels sanitized and wash often, storing soiled towels away from food prep areas.

  • After cleanup, wash hands thoroughly before handling any foods.

Preparing Fresh Chicken

  • Wash hands and forearms thoroughly with soap and hot water.

  • Use only clean and sanitized utensils and cutting surfaces.

  • Wash chicken thoroughly, removing all blood.

  • Cut up on a clean and sanitized surface, discarding excess fat, skin and tails promptly.

  • Dispose of contaminated ice and soaked containers promptly.

Preparing Frozen Chicken

  • Use good hand-washing practices:

  • If you're breading frozen chicken, rinse 3-4 minutes under running water to melt glazing, then bread as desired.

  • Hand-breaded frozen chicken can be stored (covered) for up to 2 weeks in the freezer.

  • Pre-breaded or marinated chicken requires NO thawing-cook directly from frozen for maximum quality and to reduce the possibility of bacteria growth.

  • Slow-thawing of frozen chicken is NOT recommended and can:

    • harm texture and flavor

    • promote dangerous bacteria growth

    • contribute to the unappetizing darkening of bones

Cooking Tips

  • Cook all poultry products thoroughly

    • Fresh chicken to an internal temperature of 180° - 185° F

    • Frozen Chicken to an internal temperature of 160° - 165°F

  • Always use a meat thermometer at the thickest part of the meat to check temperatures.

Holding Tips

  • Chicken prepared to be held for later use must be chilled as soon as possible…never more than 4 hours after preparation.

  • Store below 40° F in small quantities, in shallow covered pans.

  • Reheat, covered (to retain moisture), to 160° - 165° F for service.

  • Cooked or raw chicken must be discarded after 2 hours at room temperature.

  • Hot buffet foods must be held at 140° F or higher.

  • Cold buffet foods must be held at 40° F or lower.

  • Check with your local health inspector for more details on product holding.

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