As the largest foodservice distributor in North America, Sysco Corporation is committed to diversity and inclusion. Sysco strives to maximize and leverage our diversity efforts to better serve our customers in the communities in which we operate.

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Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Operating from more than 180 locations throughout the contiguous United States and portions of Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada, Sysco's product lines are as diverse as the 40,000 associates who support its daily operations. Sysco understands that building a great company is just like creating a great product - you must maintain all the right ingredients. For us, those ingredients are the cultures, backgrounds, ideas, and experiences behind our diverse workforce that embodies Sysco.

Sysco's Diversity Message
"Creating and maintaining an inclusive environment that elicits the very best from our associates is essential..."

Our people tell the story
At Sysco, we have implemented programs that enable us to recruit the best and brightest talent from a broad range of cultures. Maintaining a corporate culture that values and promotes diversity enables our associates to maximize their full potential to better meet the needs of our customers and helps our customers succeed.

Our Diversity Strategy

At Sysco, diversity is categorized into four key areas: (1) workforce, (2) leadership, (3) supplier, and (4) community. We also participate in the leading foodservice industry organizations to help promote and support the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the industry.

    Enterprise wide, over one quarter of Sysco's associates are people of color and one fifth are women. We are very proud that talented professionals of all backgrounds and views have chosen Sysco. Sysco is a place of unlimited opportunity where all associates can make a difference.

    To ensure that Sysco continues to enjoy the benefits of a diverse workplace, we must ensure that the spirit of diversity endures in the attitudes of our employees, particularly the future leaders who will guide the company in coming years.



    We do business with over five hundred minority and woman-owned suppliers with total purchases growing each year. In fiscal year 2014, we reached $957 million in purchases from minority and woman-owned suppliers. 

    Industry ConnectionsIndustry Connections
    Sysco communicates the benefits of diversity and inclusion by taking on leadership roles in our industry's most active organizations.


    Through corporate donations, associate volunteer initiatives, and fundraising partnerships, Sysco's commitment to social responsibility and community service is making a difference every day in our communities across the country.